Guard ‘n Spray® Insecticide

Guard ‘n Spray is an organic, easy-to-use, concentrated insecticide formulated from food-grade ingredients and botanical extracts, making it safe for all types of gardens — including yours.


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Product Features List
  • Food-grade cinnamon, rosemary, and sesame oils starve and suffocate pests
  • Eliminates spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies, beetles, and thrips
  • Effectively attacks mold and mildew spores
  • No harsh synthetic chemicals
  • An OMRI Listed® and a FIFRA 25 (B)-approved pesticide
  • Available in 1-quart and 1-gallon sizes

Guard ‘n Spray’s concentrated formula can be used easily with sprayers, atomizers, or foggers, and can also be applied in varying strengths depending on your needs. It offers a versatile yet safe pesticide that can be used through the entire vegetative phase and early bloom stage, and it won’t harm bees or other beneficial insects.


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Shake well before use. Use no more than 2x per day.
Half Strength: Dilute 15-30 ml of Guard ‘n Spray per gallon of water. Apply as a foliar spray during morning or evening.
Soil Drench: Dilute 15-30 ml of Guard ‘n Spray per gallon of water. Apply directly to growing media once per day until issue ceases.
For more detailed instructions, see Guard ‘n Spray Instructions


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