At GardenTap, we want your shopping experience to be fast, easy, and fun! That’s why we’ve created a Rewards Program full of exciting perks to brighten your day. Want cash back to spend on future orders, exclusive discounts and promotions, early access to the newest products, and more? You’ve got it!


To get the most out of your GardenTap experience, check out this handy breakdown of what our Rewards Program has to offer:

The Basics

By signing up for the GardenTap Rewards program, you’ll receive all these great perks:

Reward Points

Earn Reward Points fast and cash them in to save on your next order! Cha-ching!

Special Offers

We’ll roll out the red carpet and give you exclusive invitations to sales, promos, and discounts, plus early access to our latest and greatest products!

Double Points Days

You’ll be seeing double when you earn twice the amount of Reward Points on purchases you make during holidays and other special events!

Insider Announcements

Be the first to get the scoop on upcoming news, events, and special deals. It’s like a backstage pass to awesome.

How to Earn Points

Earning Reward Points is easy, and we’ve created SO MANY ways to pile them up fast:

Points for Every Dollar Spent

When you place a GardenTap order, you’ll receive points for every dollar you spend, based on how much you’ve purchased in the past year. It’s like adding fertilizer to your wallet!

More Ways to Earn

Signup Bonus

Earn 200 points just for creating a GardenTap account. Boom!

Newsletter Bonus

Sign up for the GardenTap newsletter and earn 100 points. Boom again!

First Order Bonus

As a special gift for placing your first GardenTap order, we’ll give you 100 points. You’re really racking ‘em up now!

Ongoing Rewards

Earn 10 more points for EVERY order you place. Don’t you love this?

How to Redeem Your Points

This is where things get REALLY fun. Once you’ve accumulated at least 100 points, you can start cashing them in! For every 100 points you apply to an order of $25 or more, you’ll get $1 off, allowing you to enjoy up to 50% off your order (before tax and shipping fees).

Start Earning Today!

We’re so excited to welcome you to GardenTap, where you can easily find high-quality products that satisfy your unique gardening needs. That’s why we created our Rewards Program–to share our gratitude and make shopping fun!

Sign up now to start earning your perks today! Let’s grow!


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